Jan 30, 2014

Would it be better to get the current Sony Vita or wait for the new Vita Slim?

Sony announced that they are releasing an updated version of the PlayStation Vita handheld. There have been 3 versions of the PS3 and the successors have had some advantages (more efficient and quieter) but some disadvantages as well (loss of backwards compatibility). Any thoughts on whether it would be better to get the original version while I can, or wait for the new version?
I like having the latest, so I'd go with the most recent version. If you don't you might regret buying the previous one. Buyer's remorse can hit hard if you feel you are stuck with something that has a better version available.

It’s a close call. The new version is a little lighter and has better battery life. On the other hand, you lose the OLED screen with the new version and get an LED screen. The OLED display is a highlight of the Vita to me, with vibrant colors and dark blacks. I don’t know if they have released the pricing for the Vita Slim in the US yet, but in the UK the new version is as expensive and the old one. If the new version was significantly cheaper I would say get that one, but if they are around the same price, I wouldn’t want to give up the OLED display so I would stick with the original.

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