Jan 30, 2014

Why are there so many more updates for Java than other software?

More than any other software, I’m pestered with Java updates. Why does Java requires so many more updates than other software? It’s been around forever, wouldn’t the holes have already been identified and patched by now?

I'd consider dumping Java if you don't really need it. That would get rid of the update headaches too.

It seems like the main goal is to trick you into installing the awful ASK toolbar or sneak in McAfee the one time you forget to uncheck the install box. Honestly, I think it is a way to Oracle to turn updates into an additional revenue stream. Aside from that, Java is pretty complicated and things that don’t look like bugs turn into vulnerabilities when combined in the right (wrong?) way by the many, many people looking for exploits every day. Plus there are a lot of bugs in JVM.

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