Jan 27, 2014

Why is Microsoft changing SkyDrive to OneDrive?

Other than the name is anything changing? I don’t really see why Microsoft would change an established product’s name at this point.

Microsoft changes SkyDrive's name to OneDrive

"Microsoft had little choice but to relabel its SkyDrive cloud service after losing a trademark dispute with BSkyB, and it's now ready to make that name switch. The newly rebadged OneDrive is functionally identical for existing SkyDrive users, who can go about business as usual."

It’s because of a trademark dispute with Rupert Murdoch’s British broadcasting company, Sky. There was a ruling by a judge in an English Court last year that said Microsoft had to rename SkyDrive to prevent confusion under trademark law. It just took a while for Microsoft to impliment the name change. No big deal, I don't think it's anything more than that.

It's a combination of legal and marketing reasons. Redmond lost a trademark case with Sky Broadcasting Group of Britain last year, so it had to change the SkyDrive name. As for the new name, OneDrive is supposed to represent how all of your personal and professional digital needs can be satisfied by a single cloud-storage solution -- OneDrive!
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