Jan 25, 2014

Email client to replace Eudora 7.1 for Windows 7

I am looking for a smart and supported Email client to replace my beloved Eudora 7.1. Speed, fast search across all or selected mailboxes/folders, smart filters, good sorting capability, spell checker, support for multiple accounts, a friendly, clean user interface w. message preview (like Eudora's), option to store mail on my PC, low memory usage and a mailbox format supported by a good migration utility (like Aid4Mail) are important to me. Which client would do the job?

No need if you don't use special characters. It works perfectly under all MS platforms, win 10 included. You will not find better yet.
You can install eudora 7.1 in windows 8.1 and also in 10 by creating a folder in the root in c drive. I have been using it without a problem.

I have not been able to find a good replacement of eudora 7.
In anticipation of Eudora becoming unusable sometime in the future, I decided on Opera Mail. It's very straightforward, unfancy and instead of folders, uses tags. But the beauty of it - for me - is I can run it from a USB drive (or any external drive) 100%. This suits me very well, because I don't use web-based mail and yes, I have to carry the device around with me but I find it well worth it.

The other thing I did was encrypt the whole drive so my mail is completely safe should the device get lost or stolen.

I agree - Eudora was great while it worked, and I did get it to work on Win7 32 & 64, but I was too nervous about it becoming unusable and losing my mail.

I tried or bought all (The Bat, EM, Mailbird, Posbox... etc) and the best is Foxmail 7.0.93 (be careful not the las version 7.2.5)


Thunderbird 30in second but not so good than Foxmail 7.0.93

Ask me if you want some features


For me one feature eliminate all other email client (except Outlook) the attachments (jpg, pdf, doc, xls) preview IN THE MAIL WINDOW WITH ONLY ONE CLICK...


But you have also the %cursor% macro that is very usefull


............ etc



There is no replacement for Eudora. I looked at the list of 5 best email clients and the best was Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is very buggy and glitchy. I have been trying to do a simple thing like search the unified inbox folder since i had to install TB months ago, when Windows 7 finally killed Eudora for good. If I had time I could make a long list of cool Eudora features that Tbird will never have. Example, in Eudora, hit Alt and any letter and it jumps up to the most recent message with an email addy starting with that letter. Or hit Alt and mouse on an address and it filters in all the mails with that address. These features cut down on need for searches. Tbird does have a good search of the entire archive but it is a little slow and only works when you're online, for no good reason. I've had so many moments of fatigue and despair with this hodge podge of a program Tbird.

Eudora is the old school where almost everything can be done either with the keyboard or the mouse. Of course, keyboard is faster. With Tbird, you are poking around on the mouse all the time. Better buy a new mouse and keep it in reserve because you're going to be wearing out the one you have.

What i propose is we start a petition for somebody to revive Eudora for Windows 7 or 8, adding a few updates. For a clean, healthy constitution or basic email platform out there, I've never seen any other program to match it.


Hi, you wrote "when Windows 7 finally killed Eudora"  and  "  "What i propose is we start a petition for somebody to revive Eudora for Windows 7 or 8"  ....i don't know your problem but Eudora 7 is fully working with Windows 7 64bit.  There's no need to look for compatibility issues.

Eudora works just fine with Windows 7. You need to install it in the Users/AppData/Roaming directory instead of the default directory. It will then work just fine.
How do you get it to work with Windows 8.1?
First you do not install it with default options, this way you will avoid many headaches.
1. Do not install in default program files. Create some simple directory, ex. C:\Eudora or better into another non system partition ex D:\Eudora.
2. When you'll be asked for data storage and so, point to the same C(D):\Eudora.
3. After finishing install open Explorer and go to C(D):\Eudora and create a directory, ex. Attachments ( ful path will be C(D):\Eudora\Attachments.
4. Open Eudora go to pop-up menu Tools/options\Attachments\Attachment directory and choose C(D):\Eudora\Attachments. Confirm.
That's it. This way all your attachments will be in the same place with the program and safe and separate from all other stuff. When you want you can make back-up archives, restore simply everything or move it to another PC or system.
There is still no better than Eudora. Except you use other languages with special characters that Eudora do not support and use is painful but not impossible.
Eudora works perfectly on all MS platforms (Win10 included), is stable, speedy and reliable. I use it since Win 3.1 with no problems.
Hope this helps
Windows 7 email: 5 best free clients

"Microsoft ditched Windows Mail along with several other Vista mistakes, and so if you want an email client then you'll now have to uncover one for yourself.

That doesn't have to be a major problem, though. There are now plenty of free clients around, most with lengthy feature lists and wide support for all the key email standards.

And to give you a head start, we've identified our favourite five email programs for Windows 7 - all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs."

The first option that comes to mind is Mozilla Thunderbird, which should meet your requirements. It’s open source, and it’s also free, so you can try it to see if you like it without spending any money. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/


Owen, thanks a lot for your reply. I am aware about Thunderbird. However when I see on their forum tens of messages like the samples below for more than 1 yr w. no fix in sight, then I am not sure that TB is the "right" Email. I'd much rather pay for the Email client than get something for free that deletes my mailboxes... I'd love to find something better, Eudora spoiled me. I never ever had any problems with it. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


"You really wish to know how I feel about losing about 1,000 emails including important financial reports, as well as contact addresses for all their senders? Thunderbird, you don't have a "face" angry enough to indicate how I feel about it. I wish someone had warned me about T-bird before I signed on. I will do my utmost to warn others to avoid T-bird altogether so as to escape the fate of all troubled and angry posters here. In my opinion, the employees of T-bird are completely irresponsible and incompetent."

"I see a lot of solutions, some of them seeming to work in some situations, leaving others still desperate. First and for all, WHY is this problem appearing in the first place? E.g. solution by Andrew cost me 1,5 hours of work and didn't help and left me with a terrible headache. But if it would, should I repeat this burden every time it will happen again? Forgive me but a mail program which lets e-mails disappear just like that, without any solid reason and only to be restored (IF at all) only by solutions, far too technical and elaborate for most computer users, it should be considered as RUBBISH. I'm sorry but no other, proper term is coming to my mind.
This is such a fatal problem that it leaves me with only one solution: to abandon TB and trying another mail client. "

"I have had this lost emails and entire folders problem at a progressive frequency in recent months. it was so disruptive on linux that i finally gave up on thunderbird. now that i have windows again, i went back to thunderbird a few weeks ago ... but it is happening on windows, too, though less frequently. this has become so aggravating that i am probably going to abandon thunderbird on windows, too, esp.now that i have discovered that this has been a long-standing problem, with ho apparent success at resolution. how can anybody who actually relies on email even consider to use thunderbird? i am majorly disappointed, to say the least!"

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