Jan 24, 2014

GPS lock issue

I'm developing an android app which used google maps.Sometimes when i open my application to mark the current location,it shows the message "location not found".But google navigator shows the correct location.After i open google navigator and then i came to my app and try to mark the location ,At this time the app shows the correct location.How can I fix this issue?Please Help me!!!

You might want to check the Android Developer Support Resources page:


First off, let me say I’m not a developer, so this is just from my experience as an end user. I’ve had GPS radio issues in some Android phones in the past, where I could never get lock-on, but I could get a location because the device was using WiFi locations and tower triangulation to get a rough translation. Could this be the case here, and the lack of a GPS lock is causing issues when you switch to your app. I’ve had very mixed results trying to get a dodgy GPS radio to work again on Android devices. I’ve used an app, GPS Status Test and Fix, to determine whether I was getting a lock and to refresh the Xtra data and reset the GPS location, but I’ve only had this actually resolve anything one time out of the half dozen or so times I’ve tried it. That’s not a dig on the app, clearly I can’t expect it to fix a hardware problem. I suggest asking over on XDA Developers if you continue having problems. There are some pretty bright people on there with a lot of Android development experience. 

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