Jan 22, 2014

How to determine where to place WiFi repeater?

I’m letting a neighbor share my WiFi temporarily, but he is across the street and at the very limit of a usable signal. He purchased a WiFi range extender and I’m curious where it should be placed for best effect. He set it up in his house, which didn’t really help (not surprise there). It came with a basic set-up guide, but didn’t offer any guidance on where it should be located.

where you are getting weak singnal put your extender there.
Put your extender where you are getting weak signal of your wifi.
How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network

"If you’re not getting the range you want from your home or office wireless network, there are many ways you can go about expanding your coverage. In this guide we’ll discuss some of the most popular methods, many of which involve upgrading and purchasing new gear (always a fun topic). Before you spend a cent, make sure to check out our tips on how to fix your Wi-Fi network to see how you may be able to get better Wi-Fi coverage from changing your router’s channel or placement. If those tips don't do the trick, keep reading for a few more specific ways to extend the range of your wireless network."

It makes sense that placing the repeater where the signal is already weak wouldn’t help. Set it up in your house as close to the neighbor’s house as possible. There are a number of apps for Android devices that measure WiFi signal strength (I use WiFi Analyzer and Interference Analyzer - both have free versions on Google Play), so if one of you can install one of those and measure the signal strength at his place as you try various locations, it will lessen the amount of trial and error time that you spend trying to figure out where to place it. In general, as close to line of sight as you can get will be better. Wiring, plumbing, etc inside of walls can make a big difference on the signal.

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