Jan 20, 2014

How to stop camera sound on Android phone?

Is there a way to turn off the camera “click” sound when taking a photo with an Android phone running 4.1? Whenever I’m trying to take pictures of my kids doing funny stuff, they often stop when they hear the camera.

This thread might be useful:

How to turn off camera shutter sound

In my experience it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model (and possibly carrier). For instance, on Motorola RAZR m and Bionic, you can go to camera settings and uncheck the box for “shutter sound.” I think both of those are running Android 4.1, but I’m not certain. On some devices, putting it in silent mode will have the side effect of disabling the shutter sound, but not on all...worth a try though. Another option is to install an app like Silent Camera, but these apps are hit and miss (works great with device A but not with device B).

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