Jan 16, 2014

How can I use my Google account's 2-factor authentication with Outlook?

I’ve been using Outlook with Gmail (though IMAP) for years, but now that I’ve enabled 2-factor authentication, I’m having trouble with it. Can I still use Outlook if I use two factor authentication?

Sign in using application-specific passwords

"The codes that you’ll get with 2-step verification don’t work with all applications. There are a few applications that use information from your Google Account that require application-specific passwords (ASPs).

Using application-specific passwords

Examples of devices and applications that use ASPs include: Email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird, and Gmail and Google Calendar on your phone. Below are two examples of what you might see when using an application that requires an ASP."

Yep, you want to look into the Google "Application Specific Passwords". Within your google account security settings you have the ability to create a random password for apps or sites that can't use the 2 factor auth.  Just go in to your security profile, create a new application specific password, choose a name for it (it is only a description name, nothing that matters to Outlook.  Call it Outlook-Macbook or Outlook-Desktop, just so you know what it is for), and type that long password string into your Outlook.  Viola!



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