Jan 16, 2014

What tablet would be best choice for music creation (requirements below)

Based on the following criteria (and making no assumptions beyond those criteria) what can you recommend based on personal experience or thorough research? I would like sources at least for my own decision making.

I want a tablet based platform to create music. I understand a full desktop or laptop is "better".
The criteria in general order of importance are:
Support for midi in hardware
Support for midi via network
record at minimum of 24-bit depth.
sample rate of 96 Khz minimum
Support for multitrack playback of at least 8 tracks
existing software to support all of the above.
8" screen or larger
6 hour battery or better
Synthesizer emulation, recording, and playback
sampler recording and playback
one of the 3 OSs, Windows(RT or not), iOS, or Android

I appreciate your assistance, and if you have already done the research thank you for sharing. if you have only pointers to information that is welcome also.
I'd check the Android, iOS and Windows mobile support pages to see if there's a discussion forum that you can also post your question in. You may get some good feedback from other users with similar requirements who have gotten things working well on one of those platforms.

That’s a pretty extensive list of requirements (although some are easty to meet, like screen size). I’m not knowledgable enough about this topic to give you an informed answer, but I texted one of my friends who is much more musically savvy than I am and she responded with “Surface Pro” and send a link to this youtube video. Wish I had more to add.



Thank you Edelman,  that gives me some idea that midi is implemented well in Windows 8.  I should check now and see what SAWs are available and what interfaces have working drivers (if that is an issue in 8).  

The Surface Pro 2 should meet the battery life requirement I think.


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