Jan 15, 2014

How to take better photographs with an iPhone?

I'm going on vacation with my girlfriend shortly, and we are already taking plenty of stuff. I'd love to leave the camera at home and just use either her iPhone or my Android phone for photos. Probably the iPhone, since it takes better photos than my phone, but it is still not as good as a good "stand-alone" camera. What can we do to improve the photos we take with the iPhone?

Everything you need to know to take the best pictures imaginable with the iPhone, the best camera you have with you

"The iPhone is good enough to replace a point-and-shoot camera for most people, most of the time. With a big sensor, an impressive f/2.4 aperture, an IR filter, and lots of software to make pictures as bright and beautiful as possible, the iPhone 4S camera does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. But it still can't replace a trained eye or the human heart.

You've got the latter. iMore's photography series is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your iPhone camera,"
In addition to carefully editing the images later, and I still prefer Photoshop or GIMP for this, you could add a lens to really step up the quality. Sony makes a lens attachment, the DSC-QX10 that will improve the quality of your shots and give you 10x optical zoom while setting you back around $500. The software that is part of this package has gotten some mediocre reviews, though, and because it relies on a Wi-Fi direct connection with the iPhone there can be problems with lag, especially in a crowded environment. There are also 3-in-One and 4-in-One lenses from Olloclip that should give you better results than you would get without a lens for under $100. It won’t have all the nice features of the Sony like image stabilization, but it is a much cheaper option.
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