Jan 15, 2014

What differences are people likely to see now that Net Neutrality rules have been struck down?

Now that a judge has sided with Verizon against the FCC and struck down Net Neutrality rules for ISPs, what are the differences users can expect to see?

The FCC may simply change the wording of the regulation, and then throw it back to another court. So I think it's a bit early to worry too much about it. We'll see how it plays out.

I'll give you an example of what it more than likely means: Some content will be throttled (cough, cough...netflix) unless the content provider pays the ISP for good/better speeds. Which means your Netflix bill goes up and you still pay for the same for the bandwidth that you are already paying for. Keep in mind that there are already data caps, so the ISP is in no way providing anything for free when they "allow" Netflix traffic to operate under the same rules as everyone else.


This is in no way good news for anyone that doesn't work for or own shares in an ISP. Hopefully the FCC will revise their rules and do it carefully, because they really screwed it up last time and provided the legal basis for Verizon to challenge the net neutrality rules.  

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