Jan 13, 2014

Do Yahoo mail users in the US need to be concerned about the Yahoo malware attack?

There was a malware attack on European users of Yahoo! email in December, apparently using Javascript as an attack vector. Was this completely limited to Europe, or should Yahoo mail users in the US also be worried?

Yahoo Account Hacked? How To Prevent Getting Hacked Again

"“If you’ve checked your email lately, you’ve probably seen a flood of emails coming in from friends’ Yahoo! email accounts. Usually, your email is one of a half-dozen or so on the TO line, and the SUBJECT is short and ambiguous, with only a few lines of text in the email body, along with a link to a website, followed by the original sender’s name signed at the bottom on the email. Most certainly, these are malicious emails resulting from a massive Yahoo! email account service compromise. This isn’t the first time Yahoo! email services have been compromised, either. So how could Yahoo! let this happen again, and who is behind this latest compromise? More importantly, what can you do to prevent your account from being one of the victims, and what should you do if it’s already too late and you’ve been hacked?"

Yahoo admitted the attack “may have” impacted people outside of Europe, which is a pretty vague statement that I would interpret as “did.” So, yes, I would be somewhat concerned if I used Yahoo mail unless you use a Mac, since apparently only Windows machines were affected. Some of the malware allegedly is using infected machines to mine bitcoins, and if you are unlucky enough to be one of those, you will soon have a very, very slow PC. Make sure to keep everything patched and your anti-virus software up to date.


Maybe. The science technology develops so fast. And we won't  know what will happen forever.

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