Jan 10, 2014

Big data trends to watch in 2014

What are the big data trends to watch in 2014?  Also looking for market forecast data/breakdown for 2014. Anyone have anything handy? Thanks!

Big Data In 2014: Top Technologies, Trends

"As we look ahead to 2014, we put out a call on social media asking for 2014 big data predictions. Here are some of the responses we received:

"The hot new data of 2013 was 'exhaust data' powered by the Internet of Things. This will take further hold during 2014, but the hot data of next year will be human data. With knowledge that employee data has been shown to do everything from help manage organizational health to be a leading indicator of quarterly consumer demand, this area will be a hot area for startups. Expect another round of TOS updates from LinkedIn." --Dan Malligner, data science practice lead, Think Big Analytics

"The data-information-insight-decision lifecycle will get shortened due to machine learning-based automated decision systems; increased adoption of Cloud ETL to analyze on-premise and off-premise open data; open-source solutions such as R will replace legacy solutions like SAS; the number of offerings of reporting solutions embedded in cloud with 90-day deployment will increase." --Milind Kelkar, leader, Smart Decisions Lab, Genpact"

One of the guys at Information Week, Jeff Bertolucci, had a pretty good list of predictions, some of them not very positive. For example, “More Hadoop projects will fail than succeed.” Ouch. His other predictions are more sanguine, and a couple I agree with are that there will be increasing demand for automated tools as the size of big data efforts increases, and there will be an increased utilization of the cloud solutions for big data projects. 


Link to the article: http://www.informationweek.com/big-data/big-data-analytics/big-data-in-2014-6-bold-predictions/d/d-id/1113091

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