Jan 10, 2014

Should I purchase a blu-ray player?

I'm on the verge of buying this cool computer:
Mac os and one of the suggested accessories is a blu-ray player. is it really worth it? or will a regular dvd work just as well but just look better on a better tv?


Definitely worth it. If not, why there are so many people go crazy about all types of player? Are they all stupid? Of course not. It feels much different between a vedio on TV and  Blu-ray player. The visual and audio experience is also what matters most for Blu-ray fans. As a friend said here,you can look into www.cnet.com to seach for your answer.


It is different to dvd player due to its high resolution. 


According to Macworld, Blu-ray definitely is worth it if you're into picture and audio quality.

What kind of content will you be watching? If you can get it from iTunes then why bother paying for a blu-ray player? I can't see much of a difference between HD from iTunes and Blu-ray, but I'm not a videophile either. The story matters more to me than the visuals.

I also hate bothering with discs. They are dust collectors that have to be stored, and they take up space. I'd much rather have a digital download from iTunes that I can just keep on my machine or keep in iCloud. Less clutter that way.
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