Jan 10, 2014

Highly Restricted Linkedin Account

Hi everyone, my linkedin accoint is highly restricted, I don't know why?

They demand to me give us a scaned copy of my licence. I have no any copy of my licence.

Any body can help me that how can I verify my account?

You might want to check the LinkedIn Help Center:


You can also contact them to ask for support and clarification:


This information about restricted LinkedIn accounts may also be useful:


" LinkedIn has policies in place to stop behavior that other people may find abusive. Unfortunately, we’ve determined that you used a feature in that way, even if you didn't mean to.

We can often lift a restriction after you acknowledge you've read some educational information on proper use of our site.

The most common reason for a restriction is sending too many invitations to people you don't know.

A restriction is automatically triggered if too many invitations are:

Declined by the recipient with the I don't know response.
Flagged as spam.

Tips to prevent restrictions:

Invite only people that you personally know and who know you.
Invite only those you'd recommend to others.
Personalize your invitation message. Explain how you know them or why you want to connect.
Add a current picture of yourself to your profile so people recognize you.
Use an InMail or Introduction if you don't know someone's email address.
Use the Ignore button for invitations from someone you know but choose not to connect with.
Only use the I Don't Know option when you truly don't know the member."

You can also try to unrestrict yourself:

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