Jan 08, 2014

How to limit storage space used by Google Play Music?

I like Google Play Music (or is it just Google Music), and I use it quite often. The only problem I have with it is that it eats storage on both my phone and tablet. The amount of data stored on the device just seems to grow and grow the more music you listen to, and since it is saved in data instead of cache even running my daily cache cleaner doesn’t help. I just checked on my tablet, and Google Music was taking up 6Gb of storage. I’m not saving the songs on the device, this is just from streaming the music. Is there any way to reduce or limit this use of storage space? 

Don't hit your cap: A few tweaks to cut down on Google Play Music data usage

"In its attempt to make a seamless streaming experience for users, Google has somewhat obscured and selected the settings that make the user experience in Google Play Music as great as possible by default. This is certainly the right choice on average -- users don't want to spend their time tweaking settings, they just want to listen to their music anywhere and any way. But for those who are going to utilize Play Music daily and for hours at a time, there are settings that can be tweaked to make sure you're not unnecessarily using mobile data.

So what can you do to limit the amount of data usage from Play Music? Stick with us after the break and learn a few tips to keep from using up your monthly data cap with just streaming music."
The way Play Music works, it caches the songs that you listen to in storage, so you actually save data because you don’t have to re-stream the songs that you have already listened to. It also makes the app work a little faster, since you can start playback immediately. Unfortunately, that eats up a lot of storage, as you have noticed. I’m not sure why, but Play Music stores this as data even though it refers to it as caching.

For now, you go in and delete data under settings for now to free up space. If this is continues to be a problem, you can go into Play Music>Settings and uncheck the box beside “Cache during playback.” I don’t know why Google doesn't provide a way to cap the amount of storage spaced used to cache, but I wish they would.
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