Jan 07, 2014

What is the purpose of the <ALT> tag for images in Wordpress?

When I upload an image using the Wordpress image uploader, it opens a box for a description of the image (alt tag). Is there any reason to bother with doing it?

Using Alt Tags with the images is very essential as these tags describe what the image is all about. It helps search engine crawlers to know about the images. Actually crawlers identifies images on the basis of alt tags hence it is very necessary to use them on your posts. So that search engine includes your images as well on the search results. When using WordPress, you can use a plug-in called Microstock Photo Plugin(http://awesome4wp.com/microstock-photo-plugin/) for adding alt tags easily.
ALT tag is just a text to specify what the image is about. if by chance your images are not loading then the text in ALT tag is shown to users so that they can know about the images. It is also recommended to specify ALT tag to images for optimizing images for SEO.
How to Add ALT Tag to Images in WordPress for more Traffic

"Adding ALT text to WordPress images is the best way to optimize images for Search Engines. ALT text means alternative text which conveys the information of images. When image is not available to the readers it helps them to understand the images.

When we see a pic of a Girl, we can instantly recognize it. But the Search Engine bots can’t see and identify like us. They need clues to understand an image. ALT text helps them to identify an image. It also helps images to get a better rank on image search engine."

It has two main purposes. First, to provide a text description of the image for people who are visually impaired and second, to add a description for search images, which use the alt tags as keywords. So, yes, there are at least two good reasons to bother with it.

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