Jul 07, 2011

Is USB 3 better than E-SATA?

I've been looking to get a couple of new pc's, and I found that some models have USB 3 and others (close-out models) sometimes, but rarely, have E-SATA. Is USB 3 better than E-SATA? Is E-SATA support waning?


I would preffer your to buy USB 3 because this is faster then E-Sata. Aan anytime you need any online technical support you should take help from exprts because expert know how to fix problem in quick time.


Because of the component cost, e-Sata ports are usually only found on higher-end pc's. Also, e-Sata is slightly faster than USB 3.0 so I don't think it's dead just yet.



Just because USB 3.0 is available now doesn't mean that old E-SATA devices won't work, and the full speed benefits of USB 3 will not be available to anyone using SATA3 devices instead of devices with a SATA6 interface, which are also newer and not yet available everywhere. The reason you don't see more E-SATA is that most people are happy with the USB 2.0 devices and ports they already have. I wouldn't hold my breath on E-SATA's long-term future, since USB 3.0 ports are backawards-compatible.

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