Jul 07, 2011

Is it better to use a Microsoft server or the Cloud?

We're looking to grow our small business from a few laptops and desktops, and haven't quite wrapped our heads around the best way to share files with our users as we move away from a peer-to-peer network in our office. Is it better to use a new Microsoft Small Business Essentials server, or should we be looking to store our files on the Cloud? My two main concerns are being able to grow our server as our business grows, and keeping our files private and off the regular internet where other people may be able to get to them.


If you're just looking for file storage, you could use a cloud service, but if you want it to be secure, you may need to build a private cloud - which can be pretty expensive. You're probably better off buying a server to use locally, then using some kind of encrypted cloud service for backups, like Carbonite Pro or Mozy Pro.

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