Dec 30, 2013

What will WebOS add to Smart TV's?

LG purchased WebOS last year and is releasing a Web OS based SmartTV. Will having WebOS make a difference in the user experience, beyond changing the UI?

LG's webOS TV revealed in leaked image

"LG has been rumored to be planning a webOS resurrection for a TV, and now a leaked image appears to offer the first look at the upcoming television. Evleaks has posted a photo of the rumored LG webOS TV, and the image includes a brief look at the webOS Cards interface. While it’s not identical to the Cards interface found in webOS smartphones, it does appear to include a thumbnail overview of any apps and content running on the TV."

 It means apps will run and html can be used. In essence, webOS can be used to create a smart TV that is more like a tablet than other current TVs, albeit with a different (non-touchscreen) UI. It also helps that webOS wasn’t just a beta OS, it was a reasonably popular OS that was thoroughly tested while on the market, and had established some level of third-party developer support. I’m curious if the community of webOS enthusiasts that is still out there will embrace this smart TV fork simply because it brings back their late, lamented OS.

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