Dec 27, 2013

How to remove partition on microSD card?

I partitioned a microSD card using Mini-tool Partition Wizard on my PC, which worked great, except I reversed the size of my partitions. I needed FAT32 to be 4GB and the EXT 2 to be 12GB for an app linking application on my Android phone, but I did it backwards (EXT 2 is 4GB). When I tried to just reformat the card on my PC, it only recognizes the FAT32 partition. How can I just erase everything so I can restart the partitioning process?


"Looks like a mess, try the SD Formatter utility from SD's site:


If that doesn't work, try this in command prompt as Administrator:

1. Diskpart
2. List Disk
3. Select Disk 1 (Replace 1 with number reflecting your SD Card)
4. clean
5. create partition primary
6. active
7. format fs=fat32 quick
8. assign

Be sure to select the right disk number, you don't want to accidentally clean out one of your hard drives.

Either method you try will wipe everything off the SD card, just saying in-case you wanted to preserve data on it."

You might be able to do it with Mini-Tool, but the easiest way is to simply re-insert the microSD card in your device, go into system settings>storage and then scroll down to the bottom where you should see “erase SD card.” This means what it says, it will erase everything, so make sure you have backed up anything you want to keep. Then you can just restart the partitioning process and get the sizes the way you want them.

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