Dec 23, 2013

Why not use SD Cards instead of external hard drive for additional storage?

Is there any reason not to use an SD card for additional laptop storage instead of an external HDD? They are smaller, have no moving parts, and I have them laying all over the place so they are essentially “free.” I rarely use the SD card slot on my laptop, so I could just leave it the laptop in all the time.

SDHC Cards vs Hard Drive vs SSD

"Almost every modern notebook has a built-in memory card reader, but not everyone uses these card readers for digital photography. Now that SDHC memory cards offer larger capacities at low prices, is this a good option as a second storage drive, or even your primary boot disk? We did some testing to find out just how useful a $30-$100 memory card is for laptop owners."

The main drawback is that there are only a finite amount of read/write cycles that an SD card will remain reliable.I think you can check with the SD cards manufacturer to see what the guaranteed number of cycles is. Also, read/write speeds are slower than an external HDD, even if you get a faster class of SD card. Still, for storage of files that are rarely used, an SD card would be an option.

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