Dec 23, 2013

What happens if you continue to use Windows XP after support ends in April?

I know that Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP in a couple of months, but are the risk really that great if you continue to use it after that point? It’s over 10 years old, wouldn’t all of the vulnerabilities have been found and patched by now?


There is a little nugget of good news for you if you insist on staying with Windows XP. Microsoft has reversed their earlier decision to end Microsoft Security Essentials support in April, 2014. It will continue to be offered for download and updated through July 2015. Still, it is time to move on from XP. 

There are always new vulnerabilities. I'd consider Linux instead of Windows XP.

The Painless Way to Ditch Your Old Windows XP for a More Secure Linux

"Windows XP just isn’t secure anymore! If the expense of the new Windows operating systems is too great, here’s an easy and painless way to get a completely free Linux, keep your old Windows XP installation, and start surfing securely.

There are a lot of great features of Linux, and security is one of the best. Viruses on desktop versions of Linux are uncommon—in fact most Linux users simply laugh at the idea of viruses. Today we’ll cover what might be the easiest installation of Linux ever—one that doesn’t even require booting from a CD to install. Keep reading to see how you can upgrade your computer, keep your Windows XP installation, and test drive Linux for a more secure computing experience."

Microsoft issued a warning that hackers could potentially examine security updates and patches that are issued for Windows 7 and 8 to learn of vulnerabilities in XP, and with no additional XP updates to address them, the door will be wide open. According to Microsoft, in one year from mid-2012 to mid-2013, XP shared 30 security vulnerabilities with Windows 7 and 8, so this isn’t just some theoretical possibility. Considering nearly ⅓ of PCs are running XP, according to some estimates at least, black hats have plenty of incentive to devote a lot of attention to XP in the coming months. In my opinion, it would be a very bad idea to continue using XP for most purposes.

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