Dec 20, 2013

How to recover lost text messages on Android phone?

Hi all, I have been using Snapchat these days to chat with my friends so seems haven't been Real texting for long time. This morning I got a message from a VIP customer of his schedule to London next week. While I was about to dab on showing the text but what the hell!!! The phone crashed and rebooted automatically, not only my client's SMS but all messages stored on my phone vanished. No problem I can ask my client to send again his plan but what about the rest messages?! My brain stopped working at that exact moment. I have been searching so hard for a solution to quick regain lost message from Android phone. Yes, forget to tell you that I am using Samsung GT-s5300. After reading and googling for ages, I find that "Myjad Android SMS Recovery" might be the most suitable tool for me at the moment. So now I need advice! Whoever has utilized this program before is very much welcomed to post a comment coz your opinion would be a HUGE contribution to me. Urgently need reply. Thank you millions in advanced.

Trying to get deleted text messages from my phone
Yes hi i had all very important text message all from my boyfriend who is no longer here any more i had locked all them in for safe keeping and had pictures of me & my mom together what happened to all of them ? I had locked all the pictures to keep for my self how can i get them all back
here is an article that introduced several ways to recover snapchat data, check it out : http://recover-data-from-android.blogspot.com/2015/11/how-to-recover-snapchat-photosvideos.html

Hey, you can contact your cell phone provider and see if texts are stored in the cloud. If you need to consider the Myjad SMS app what yor're asking about.


If you lost messages that were stored on the device, you might be out of luck. There are a lot of questionable apps out there that promise to recover them, and I don’t know the one you mentioned. There is one called Dr. Fone Wondershare that I’ve heard a few positive things about, but I’ve never tried it myself. You might want to consider trying Google Voice, which will require you to use a Google Voice phone number, but then your messages will be stored remotely and you can access/recover them from any PC.

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