Dec 19, 2013

Is there an easier way to anonymize internet usage than using TOR?

I don’t like the idea of having everything I do online being watched and stored, but I’m not really comfortable using TOR. It’s confusing and I’m afraid I might accidentally compromise my PC’s security because I’m using it. Is there anything that is as effective but easier for someone who is only moderately tech savvy to use?


You can go the hardware route and get a Pogoplug Safeplug. However, keep in mind that nothing is foolproof. The idiot who made the recent bomb threat at Harvard was using TOR, and they caught him anyway. He was using Harvard’s wireless network, so TOR may have worked, but he gave himself away by not considering the complete picture. 


You could try I2P (Invisible Internet Project). I don't know whether you'll consider it any easier than TOR, but it's an alternative.

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