Dec 17, 2013

When will the Oculus Rift be available to purchase?

When will the general public be able to purchase an Oculus Rift (the 3D headset) and about how much are they going to cost?


I could not find any better information than the first answer in terms of a release date. I did find an Amazon page with Oculus Rift products, however. That might be of use to you when the release date draws near.

You might also want to keep an eye on the Oculus news page for release information updates, as well as the Oculus blog.

Apparently they are looking at a release in fall of 2014. Developer kits should be shipping any day now, if they haven’t already gone out, so things are really starting to move along. I’m not sure what the consumer pricing structure will look like, but the dev kits are $300. That is the target price for the consumer version as well, but Oculus VR, the company making the Rift, has publicly stated that they will not cut the quality to hit a target price.
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