Dec 16, 2013

How to download YouTube videos without a third-party plugin?

Is there a way to directly download YouTube videos without using a third party plug-in? I try not to install third party plug-ins for my browsers due to concerns about privacy and security.

You can Download youtube videos without using any software by typing "ss" before the link..
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I know a simpliest way yo do that. Go to site: http://www.getvideolink.com then past your videolink and download.

You can select anny video format and quality to download.
This site proposes also the related videos of what you are downloading. I see this is very interesting. Enjoy!
As far as I know, you could use the sites which provide free download service to handle the YouTube clips. I usually use Zamzar which is a completely free site which guides you through downloading desired videos with 4 steps. There's no need to pay, subscribe, etc. The only drawback is that it cannot process the video with over 100MB, but you could find alternatives to Zamzar for helps.
The Easiest, Cleverest Way to Download Any YouTube Video

"Want to have your mind blown, slightly? Try this:

• Open any YouTube video
• In the video's URL, switch out the "Y" in "Youtube" for a 3
• Ask yourself why you didn't think of this first."

Yes, you can do it. Pretty easily in fact. Go to the YouTube site and find the video that you want, then open it. Then add “pwn” to the URL. For example, this is a trailer for a game called Ni No Kuni: http://www.pwnyoutube.com/watch?v=4MznAY8Es5c&noredirect=1


This is a redirect to a non-youtube website that will allow you to download in either MP4 of FLV format. If you don’t want to do it this way, I think you are stuck with the browser plugin option.


I know there's that 'ss' thing you can do, but I never trusted that either. I started using the torch browser, so it's not exactly a software-free solution. But it's a chromium based web browser with the media grabber and a torreent client built in. I've never had any security issues so far. http://www.torchbrowser.com/

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