Dec 12, 2013

Will Google Fiber force other ISPs to high speed fiber nationwide?

When Google Fiber was first announced in 2011, I remember reading (and thinking) that it was great for Kansas City, and in a decade or so maybe they would try a second city. Then it came Austin. Then it came to Provo. Next Palo Alto. Now AT&T is going to offer a direct competitor to Google’s high speed fiber network in Austin. Is it likely that those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in tech hubs will see it offered to us in the near future as well? (Fingers crossed!)

I sure hope so, it can only be good for consumers if there is more competition. It would be very bad if Google was the only game in town. Choice is key if we want consumers to have the best services at the lowest possible prices when it comes to fiber connections.

 Well, I would say possible but not very likely. It costs a lot of money, and unless the current ISPs are facing a direct threat in your town from Google Fiber, they really have very little incentive. Many, many communities are faced with an ISP duopoly that has to this point enjoyed charging high fees for speeds that are, by global standards, quite slow. Unless Google Fiber is actually announced in your city, ISPs are just going to continue the status quo.

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