Dec 11, 2013

Is Google Sheets good enough to use as your only spreadsheet?

Now that Google has added the capability for off-line editing and viewing, is Google Sheets good/powerful enough to use as your only spreadsheet? I had never really considered it before now.


nope, It's not efficient and powerful as office. Only use it for simple office work.

I think it will work very well for some, and not so well for others. It really depends on what you need your spreadsheet application to do for you. In some cases Google's app will cover all the bases, and in others Excel will probably be needed. The best thing to do is give it a shot and see if it meets your needs.

 It’s not just the offline capability that is new, you were limited to 256 columns and 400,000 cells. Now you have unlimited cells and 2 million cells. So, yeah, I guess it is powerful enough. It might be like a Google Docs/Word comparison though - I can do everything I actually need to do with Google Docs, but Word is still a significantly better word processor, especially if you are doing mark-ups with other writers. 

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