Dec 09, 2013

I need a reliable directory to perform reverse cell phone search. Any suggestions?

I have this Verizon mobile number that I need to look up. I searched on Google and Facebook and do not seem to find any info, not even the name. Can anyone suggest a reliable site that can trace it. I need at least the name of the caller. It turns out to be harder than I thought. I don't mind paying a fee as long as I can get the name of the caller. If you used one before with success, please post it here - I will give it a try. A CBS article pointed to CellRevealer as their best option but I was not convinced. I am sure there must be a way to get this info without going through Verizon.

I suggest to you http://youphonelookup.com/. I have tried using this service and it definitely helps me a lot.

Try ReverseMobile.net -- they offer a free search to first see if they have the phone number in their database, if so you can buy 100 searches which include the cell phone owners name, street address, and tel-co information. They also have criminal records, sex offender lookups and white page listings so you can use up the extra search credits searching other databases.

Oops, this may be more useful if it's a cell phone. The other answer was for residential phones.

How to Trace a Verizon Cell Phone

"Traditional phone services have never made it easy to identify or locate a cell phone. Telephone directories typically have not listed cell numbers. And land-line service providers have not traced calls for customers. Newer technology is changing the landscape. The Internet, cell phone applications and global-positioning technology (GPS) provide the ability to track cell phones sold from retailers such as Verizon. "

"How to Use Call Trace Use Call Trace immediately after a call. It will trace the last call you received.

After receiving a call you want to trace, hang up the receiver to end the call.

Pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
You must trace the call before another call is received.

Press *57 (rotary phones dial 1-1-5-7) and follow the voice-recorded instructions.

Stay on the line and listen for a recording that tells you if Call Trace was activated and if the call was successfully traced.

Once you have successfully traced the required number of calls (differs by area), contact your local law enforcement agency and obtain a complaint number. "


Cell Revealer is a good one. It can search mobile records.

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