Dec 09, 2013

How much longer will I be able to buy Windows 7?

How much longer will new copies of Windows 7 be available?

"you’ll still be able to buy Windows 7 PCs for at least two more years. Microsoft’s sales lifecycle for Windows (which is different from its support lifecycle) specifies that retailers will be able to sell the boxed version of Windows 7 until at least October 25, 2013, and OEMs can sell PCs with Windows 7 pre-loaded until October 25, 2014.

And on top of all that, you and your business have downgrade rights. When purchased with a new PC, Windows 8 Pro incorporates license terms similar to those of its predecessors, including the right to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional. When you buy a new PC with Windows 8 Pro installed, you can legally replace it with a copy of Windows 7 Professional.



There was a post by Microsoft a week or so ago that said they would stop selling Windows 7 on October 30, 2014, but they have since said that was an errant post. You should be able to purchase new PCs with Windows 7 installed for the next year at least. Microsoft has also backed off of a previous statement that retail sales (which I assume me shipments of new product) ended on October 30, 2013. An updated, hopefully correct end of sales date is yet to be determined.

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