Dec 09, 2013

Is Sony winning the next generation console war with the PS4?

I know that it is early in, but it seems as if I’m hearing a lot more buzz about the PS4 than the XBox One. It makes a difference over the life of a console, since developers are more likely to release console exclusives for the console that is doing best. Is Sony pulling away from Nintendo and Microsoft with the PS4?

The real winner is mobile devices, not any of the consoles. The consoles will be around for a while, maybe forever. But many people now game on their phones and tablets, and don't find a gaming console necessary for their needs. So the PS4 might sell well, but mobile devices will continue to proliferate and more and more gamers will gravitate toward gaming on them.

Just released sales figures suggest that Microsoft isn’t really falling behind Sony. According to Gamespot, The XBox One reached 2 million units sold worldwide as of last week, compared with 2.1 million PS4s. Those are pretty darn comparable launch figures. 


It is too early to really even speculate. I would say that it is clear that the PS3 and XBox One are doing better than Nintendo’s Wii. You are most likely going to see the best console exclusives come from in-house anyway, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that unless you are in love with a certain franchise, such as Gran Turismo or Forza. These consoles are so similar to develop for that there is relatively little additional cost to release versions of games for both systems, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much either. Also, don’t forget that Microsoft has very deep pockets. Sony is a big company, but it doesn’t have the resources of Microsoft. Over the expected console life cycle of 6-10 years, a lot can change.


It doesn't help the Xbox that it's $100 more than the PS4. Here's a review that likes both units, but comes down on Sony's side.

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