Jul 07, 2011

Whatever happened to Netbooks?

A year or two ago, all I ever heard about new computers was this new netbook, or that new netbook. Now I never hear about them anymore. They're still around, right?


The current industry fad is tablets. I use my HP mini as my primary computer, but running openSUSE 12.1 with the Plasma Netbook Workspace. It is fast, I have access to the fast repository of Linux software. I can watch Hulu movies. I can maintian my Web sites. I can do software development. On tablets, I have to buy software that is free on my netbook. I do prefer to read books on my Nook Color, and have rooted it so that I can get to the Android Market, but I don't use it for heavy typing.

The iPad (and to a lesser degree other tablets) has stolen much of the netbook's thunder. Tablets are generally lighter and do many of the same tasks as netbooks. Many people prefer that to toting around a netbook for portable use.

I have an iPad so I've found it to be quite useful for when I'm on the go. At this point I have no need for a netbook, my tablet does most everything I need it to do when I'm out and about. I suspect that netbooks are going to fade away even more as other tablets hit the market.
The reason that netbooks aren't as popular as tablets now is that tablets are a little bit lighter, and are therefore more convenient to keep near your couch or on your kitchen table. Plus the iPad is just cooler than a netbook: there's way more stuff you can do with it than my old Dell Mini 10v

You think you can do more with an iPad than a Netbook running Windows? Gimme a break.


Ok, maybe there are more programs that will run on a netbook than programs for IOS, but to run them WELL would require a more powerful computer with more RAM than the netbook can hold. So yes, there's more I can get done on my iPad than on my netbook - your mileage may vary.


Netbooks are still around. It's just that for some reason, tablets are more popular this year. I have a little HP netbook and it still runs just fine. It's a little slow, but the small screen means it's not too heavy to hang out on my lap while I'm watching tv.

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