Dec 07, 2013

Is it possible reuse the outdated Samsung Intercept?

How can I reuse the outdated Samsung Intercept? Virgin Mobile, but the Android was not updatable. So I bought a non-smartphone, which was pick-pocketed. Could I load open source software on the the 2G memory card? I do not have the cash to buy a new phone.

You might want to check the Samsung Intercept support page:


That’s too bad about your new phone getting lifted. The Intercept was a pretty early Android phone, and you are probably locked to Virgin with it. I looked a little into rooting it and installing a custom ROM, and it looks as if it is pretty tricky with the Virgin Mobile version. You can check the forums at AndroidCentral.com and get more info, but it doesn’t look good. The hardware was also pretty marginal, so you simply aren’t going to have the specs to run most custom ROMs. Sorry, I’m not trying to harsh on the Intercept, but it just wasn’t a great device even when new. If you want to give it a try, though, go to the Intercept section in the Android Central forums. You will need to register there to access the links, and I wouldn't expect the forum to be very active at this point, but people are generally helpful on that site.


Honestly, the best thing you can probably do is uninstall everything you can and use it with a cheap Virgin Mobile plan. You would have to uninstall a lot of the updates, due to the limited on-device storage. If your Intercept is updated to 2.2, you can move apps to the SD card, but that’s deceptive; you can actually only move part of the app, it still takes up some internal storage.  If you were a VM customer before, you might be able to get back into a grandfathered $25 a month plan. If not, $35 is as cheap as it is going to get. 


One thing you could do is use a VoIP program like GrooveIP (you can get it on Google Play) that makes use of WiFi and Google Voice to make calls without having a calling plan at all. The problem with this is that Google is shutting down all of these services in a couple of months, but it could work for the short term. With the limited hardware on the Intercept, even that might not work all that well though. 


I’m not try to shill for Virgin, but since I just went to that site, you might want to consider one of their cheap feature phones. I know you said money was tight, but you could get a Samsung Entro flip-phone for $12. It is a throwback to the late 90s, but it would do for voice calls and texting in a pinch. 

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