Dec 05, 2013

What is an alternative to CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA does its job, I suppose, in that it does make it harder for spammers to use bots, but I don’t know anyone who really loves it. Has anyone found an effective alternative that is better liked but still effectively thwarts spambots?

Try Akismet if you are running a WordPress blog. It works very well.


Unfortunately, while CAPTCHAs may not be universally loved, there hasn’t really been a workable alternative found. There are some proposals, including logic puzzles, limited use accounts, and better filtering for spam, but none of these have been developed into a workable option. CAPTCHAs are going to be around for a while yet. The best we can probably hope for in the short term is that CAPTCHAs will become easier for humans to read, while still foiling most bots. 

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