Dec 05, 2013

How to make the battery on a Samsung Galaxy S4 last longer?

I have a work issued Galaxy S4, which is a pretty nice device, except for one thing - the battery usually barely makes it through a day, and sometimes doesn’t even manage that. I consider my use to be fairly normal. I’m out of the office quite a lot, so I make calls, review document drafts, and exchange emails and texts on a regular basis throughout the day. Any Galaxy S3 users out there that have any effective tips on making the battery last longer?

It’s been four month of using Samsung Galaxy S4 for me and this phone creates not issue to me. It’s 2600 mAh battery last long hours and provides me facility to spend long hours without charging. Its standby capacity is of upto 370 h (3G) and talktime have 17 h (3G) capacity, if you music lover then it last for 62 h. To know more details about the device and its specification go to Samsung India site.
To make the battery on a Samsung Galaxy S4 last longer you should remember some point because battery power consumption depends on some factors. Turn off Bluetooth unless you need it, put your phone lower screen brightness, Turn off Wi-Fi when you are out from Wi-Fi network. You can also turn off GPS if you aren’t using it. For more details you can check at Samsung India site in its support option.

Probably the most effective things that you can do are lower screen brightness and turn off Bluetooth unless you actually need it. I know that you can put screen brightness on auto, but on a lot of devices I find it makes it too dark when it’s, er, dark, so I prefer to manually set it. Wi-Fi can either help or harm battery life - it will help if you use a Wi-Fi network that is available, but if you are out and it is constantly searching for a network, that will waste your battery. Turn Wi-Fi on or off accordingly. You can also turn off GPS if you aren’t using it, but most of the apps that use it only turn it on as needed.

How to Totally Maximize the Battery Life of Your Samsung Galaxy S4

"High-powered devices need lots of juice, and the S4 is definitely more powerful than its predecessor. The new battery can handle a third more in standby days, and over twice as much in talk time hours. But, when you live on your phone all day long, that means nothing. You're battery is still going to have a hard time keeping up with you.

However, like any mobile device, there are things you can do to prevent battery drain. Use the tips below to obtain the best battery life possible and squeeze every minute out of your Samsung Galaxy S4."
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