Dec 04, 2013

How to indent entire paragraph in QuarkXPress 7?

I’ve never used QuarkXPress, but I’m at an office that is still using it, and today that means I am using it. Actually they are using an old version, QuarkXPress 7...I think the current release is 10. Anyway, how do I indent an entire paragraph in QuarkXPress?
I think AppDevGuy has the right answer. But here's a link to the Quark support site in case you need it later:


1. Select the Content Tool.

2. Click in the paragraph you want to indent.

3. Display the Paragraph Attributes tab of the Measurement Bar.

4. Enter indent values in the Left Indent and Right Indent fields. Look for the little pictograms like Word uses to show left/right align. 

5. Hit Enter. 

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