Dec 04, 2013

What is the biggest concern about BYOD from an employees perspective?

We generally think about BYOD from employers’ perspectives, but what are the main concerns employees have with your BYOD policies/practices?

I think Landon's answer is right. You have to be very careful about allowing something like remote wiping. Man, it would be awful if you lost data because of that.

It's always better to fully understand company policy on these things before bringing your own device. In some cases it's probably better to use a company provided device instead, and keep yours for your personal use.

The two legitimate concerns I hear are (1) do you have access to all of my personal things, and (2) if I agree to you having remote wipe privileges, will you delete all of my messages and photos when/if I leave the company. The answer should obviously be no to both, but I think they are right to ask about it.

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