Dec 04, 2013

What is the difference between DSL and U-Verse?

I was looking at upgrading my internet connection to a higher speed from my current DSL service. The only option I have is AT&T’s U-Verse, which requires a new modem/router, but still uses the existing wiring I have in my house. Is it any different than DSL, other than somewhat faster speeds are offered?

I think cuetip has the right answer. Here's a link to the AT&T U-Verse reviews page on DSL Reports. You might find it useful if you want to see feedback from other U-Verse customers.


Actually, U-Verse is a variant of DSL. Of course, AT&T makes it sounds like something else entirely, but it really isn’t. They will tell you if you actually ask them, to be fair. Your “old” AT&T DSL is ADSL, while your shiny new U-Verse is VDSL. You need a new modem because the firmware of the old one is not compatible with VDSL. So the short answer to your question is that you just replaced your DSL with a newer version of DSL. 

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