Dec 02, 2013

When is the Windows 9 operating system likely to be released?

Ok, so Windows 8 has not exactly met with universal love. I don’t hate it like some people, but in many ways I do still prefer Windows 7, and kept it on my laptop instead of upgrading. I expect that Microsoft will be making some changes to Windows 9 (or whatever they end up calling it). Any estimates on when it will be released?

Windows 9 release date, news and rumours

"With Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1, Microsoft tried - not entirely successfully - to make tablets part of a continuum that goes from number-crunching workstations and high-end gaming rigs through all-in-one touchscreen media systems and thin-and light notebooks down to slender touch tablets, all with the same OS, aiming for the best of both of today's computing worlds. What will it do for the next version of Windows?

Despite rumours of an aggressive development and shipping schedule, there's no official word about what's in the next version of Windows, but there are plenty of rumours (many of them from Chinese enthusiast sites that claim to have leaked builds), plus more reliable information from job adverts for the Windows and Windows Phone teams. Could it be that we'll get Windows 8.2 first?"

I agree with ZigZag on the probable release window (ahem). I would not expect to see the next Windows version until 2015. It is a major undertaking that requires time and money, so even if Windows 8 hasn't been unversally loved, it will be a while before you see it replaced. I don't think Windows 8 is that bad, personally. If you really give it a chance, you might like it more than you do now. 




Released is relative.  If you mean released to the public my guess would be about 18 months. I dont expect much more to be done in win 8.1 except bug fixes.


Btw anything you can do in win 7 you can do in win 8.  You can even bypass the wonderful start screen be enabling  boot to desktop so you neednt even see the start menu.

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