Dec 02, 2013

Would it help IT security to replace the term “cloud” with “someone else's computer?”

A British IT security expert, Graham Cluley, suggested in a computing article that we start referring to the cloud as someone elses computer. His idea is that it would more accurately get people to think of the legitimate security concerns that accompany the cloud model. What do you think, would it help people think about the security implications of cloud computing?

I doubt it would make much difference. Most people just don't care. It's hard to get them to pay attention to security issues at all, nevermind in the cloud. You could try it though, but just don't expect much improvement. Set the bar low and you won't be disappointed.

It’s not going to happen, but actually, yeah, I do think it would help clarify the concept in some ways. It makes it clear that you are putting a lot of trust in “someone” else (corporations are people, my friend). It also might encourage people to consider encrypting their own data instead of hoping the “someone else’s computer” is secure. Another way to phrase it that might be fun is, "So, you store all of your data on the internet?" Yes, it is simplistic, but cloud is such a buzzword these days that many people never actually give any thought to what it means. 

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