Nov 30, 2013

How to add an email signature line in Windows Phone 8?

Anyone know how to add a signature line for outgoing email when you are using Windows Phone?

Everything You Need To Know About Emails & Windows Phone 8

"How do you use your Windows Phone? I know a lot of users who are purely addicted to a combination of WhatsApp and Xbox Live gaming. Others enjoy their Windows Phones purely due to the social networking options (which are admittedly impressive).

Then there are also those of us who take advantage of the various productivity tools. Email is of course one of these (along with the mobile Microsoft Office) and Windows Phone offers a wide selection of account support. Whether you use your phone with a corporate email system or you merely need to check your Hotmail/Windows Live/Outlook.com account, Windows Phone (and in particular Windows Phone 8) offers all the tools that you need to connect to your account and to sync any satellite data such as calendars, contacts and tasks."

Adding signature lines is very simple:


  • Open your e-mail on the phone
  • Select the ellipsis (...)  at the bottom of the screen
  • Select "settings"
  • Set "Signature" to On
  • Enter your signature text in the white box
  • Hit the check mark to save the new settings

    Step 1 can also be done from the main settings for the phone, under "email + accounts", then select your e-mail account and proceed through the steps.  You can must setup separate signatures for each e-mail account you have installed on the phone (each of my 5 accounts has its own signature line)


    Thanks! Now I can add a "sent from my iPhone" on all my emails. Not that I really would. Thanks for the tip. 

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