Nov 30, 2013

Can you still access dial-up internet with a MacBook?

I’m going to visit relatives in a couple of weeks, and the only internet connection that they have is dial-up. It’s not their fault, they are in the middle of nowhere. Obviously I won’t be spending much time online, but is it possible to at least connect with a modern Macbook? I’ve tried to use my cellphone for a mobile hotspot with very mixed results there in the past, again due to the remote, hilly location.

How to Use Dial-Up With a MacBook

"Although the MacBook does not have a built-in dial-up modem, if you own a MacBook notebook computer and have a USB or Ethernet dial-up modem, you can configure you computer to use your dial-up Internet service. Learn the necessary steps to configure your MacBook to use a dial-up Internet connection. "

Maybe, if you have a built in modem (or a third party USB modem). Apple has a guide on how to go about it. Have fun. 

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