Nov 27, 2013

If I use Google’s Cloud Print, does Google store a copy of my document?

When I print out a document using Google Cloud Print, does a copy of my document get retained by Google? Occasionally some of the things I have to print are subject to nondisclosure agreements, and I wouldn’t want to unintentionally violate the NDAs.

Delia has this covered. Google seems to have handled it well by deleting the document after the print job is complete.

I’m not privy to the terms of your NDAs, so I don’t know the restrictions that you have agreed to. By nature of the service, Google is going to have to temporarily store a copy of any document that you print. According to Google, they do not retain a copy after printing is complete:


“Yes, but only for so long as the printing job is active and not complete. We have to do this to make sure your document gets printed. Once the job is complete, the document is deleted from our servers.”  https://support.google.com/cloudprint/?rd=1#2541911

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