Nov 25, 2013

What are some good Black Friday tech buys to watch for?

As a small business owner, I view Black Friday a little differently than many people. For me, instead of a Christmas buying opportunity, it is a chance to buy some office equipment for the next year. Any suggestions for sale items on this Black Friday that I can justify as at least somewhat work related?

Amazon has tons of deals available. I can't recommend specific items but I'm guessing you can find a lot of office and computer type stuff there.

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Obviously, this is going to be very specific to what you do and where you are, but the Surface RT should be available for under $250. It runs Windows RT, which may not be ideal, but if you are like most small businesses, you have a Windows environment so it should be more useful than an iOS or Android tablet for similar prices. I would also look for Windows laptops, I’ve purchased my last couple laptops during Black Friday sales for a lot less than I would have paid normally. I don’t actually go to physical stores, I only order online, so you might be able to get better deals if you actually venture out.

It probably depends a bit on what type of business you have, but I always think a good tablet is a useful device to have. It's hard to go wrong with an iPad, and there are a lot of good Android tablets. I have a Nexus 7 that I like, though I'd prefer a slightly larger screen. Laptops are cheap these days, so if you still need PCs, there are good buys out there. And there's always an espresso maker.
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