Nov 25, 2013

Does Google monitor the content of your Picasa library?

There was a news report that someone had been arrested by police for possession of illegal pornographic images in their Picasa photo library. Not that I have anything illegal to be concerned about, but that doesn’t mean I want my personal photos looked at. Does Google have people that scan through Picasa libraries, searching for illegal content?

Christopher has this covered. As long as you don't violate Google's terms of service for Picasa, you should be fine.
No, not according to Google, and if you think about it, the amount of man hours required to review all those millions of images would be insane. However, there are known images that have been flagged as illegal, either by law enforcement or Google itself, and if those images are uploaded to Google's servers, those can be identified and reported to police.

You never know these days who's looking at your digital life, do you? But for what it's worth, here's what Google says:


"Picasa doesn't monitor the content of photos that you send to merchants for printing, but it may record the size and success of your upload in order to monitor and improve service. Please be assured that Picasa doesn't disclose any personal information."



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