Nov 20, 2013

How to stop crackling sound from PC speakers?

I’m getting a strange crackling sound from my PC’s speakers, but the strange thing is that I also get it when I use a headset. It sounds almost like my old home stereo speakers used to after they had been abused (blown, as we called it back in the day), but since it isn’t limited to the speakers, I assume there is another cause. Bad sound card maybe? Any ideas short of pulling the sound card and replacing it?

You might also want to check the manufacturer's support site to see if there's an FAQ or some other document that covers sound problems. If there's a defect in your machine, it might be listed or noted there, and that could save you time getting it fixed or getting the machine replaced.

 It might be your sound card, but it also could be bad electrical wiring or something causing electromagnetic interference. If your sound card has poor shielding, it can cause exactly this “crackling” sound if there is a source of EMF nearby. You might want to try moving your PC to another power outlet (preferably on a different circuit) to see if it makes a difference. If you are in an older building with original electrical wiring, this is certainly a potential cause of the sound issue.

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