Nov 20, 2013

What is a reasonable range that can I expect from a wireless router (residential)?

Is there a generally accepted functional range for a residential grade wireless router?

How to Boost a Router Signal

"A wireless router typically has a range of 100 feet or more. However, there are many factors that can lower this range and zap its signal strength. Interference can be caused by metal, competing signals and other devices that use wireless frequencies (like cell phones and microwave ovens). Thankfully, there are many methods available to boost your signal strength. Here are a few."

As Christopher said, it depends a lot on your environment. In a perfect world, line of sight without any obstructions, you could see 50% signal strength for 300-400 feet with a good residential AP. At the same time, with that same router, you could potentially get a very poor signal the next room over. The signal can be affected by interference from walls, wiring, plumbing, heating ductwork, microwaves, etc. so it is difficult to give a hard and fast number for expected range. 

A lot of it depends on your environment, particularly walls and other physical obstacles that can diminish a wireless router's range. My experience with several wireless routers over the years is that I can get a wireless signal up to 225 feet away from the router. It's weak, but I can get one.
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