Nov 18, 2013

What’s the worst malware or virus that could infect your PC?

I know that there are all sorts of malware out there, just waiting on an Emma Watson search (I didn’t just make that up, incidentally, it’s the search with the highest risk of ending up at a malicious site). Ransomware that holds your computer hostage until you pay the criminals money seems pretty bad to me. What do you think is the worst example of malware/virus that could infect your machine?

You might find this thread at Ars interesting:

What's your absolute worst malware/virus/trojan horror story?

"The recent news article on PUPs got me wondering.

I know that there are some bits of malware out there that can be seriously tricky little shits, and I'd love to hear what's the worst you've found (and perhaps how you managed to remove them). "

 Easy answer, although it was technically a Javascript exploit and not really a virus. Back in 2008 some people used it to redirect people from an epilepsy support group to a rapidly flashing image that actually triggered epileptic seizures in a number of people. I don’t know if the people were ever identified, but this beats ransomware on my scum-o-meter.

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