Nov 18, 2013

What is the advantage of RAW format over JPEG?

Google may be adding the capability of RAW format to Android camera, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed. I don’t think I’ve ever used RAW format before. What is the difference between RAW and JPEG? Is this something that matters to the average user, or is this a change that only professionals and enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of?


"Like me you probably happily shoot in JPEG for quite awhile – getting used to the myriad of options available to you. One day you look at that Raw setting and ask, “should I be using Raw for the best quality? What is Raw, exactly?”

Excellent question. First, let us define these two formats."

In short, RAW is a higher quality image at the cost of larger file size. JPEGs are compressed, smaller and lower quality. If you edit your photographs, you can do so much more effectively with RAW images than JPEGs. It’s not entirely something only professionals can benefit from, but if you are a fairly serious photographer that makes use of Photoshop, it probably doesn’t matter to you whether your current smartphone utilizes RAW format or not.

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